Useful Tips

  We do not recommend application of our AquaSalina® products with fan tip nozzles, instead only use a focused stream jet onto surfaces such as the TeeJet StreamJet 3-Hole Fertilizer Spray Nozzle

  AquaSalina® is all natural seawater and at times brown algae may appear in your PVC tanks.  This is quickly remedied with 3.5 ounces of pool perfect+ PHOSfree per 8,000 gallons of our AquaSalina® products, and can be found at local swimming pool supply stores

  In the event of an Ice Storm, apply AquaSalina prior to the ice storm and apply on areas subject to freezing rain every hour until the event ends.  Beware of dilution and maintain application rate to prevent refreezing.  (NOTE:  if re-freeze occurs, repeat application in approximately one (1) hour.  If necessary, repeat a third application.  YOU MUST KEEP THE CHLORIDE CONTENT HIGH).


•  Anti-icing is a proactive/offensive approach and AqualSalina® is applied to pavement before a storm;
•  Deicing is a defensive approach and AquaSalina® is applied to pavement during or after a storm;
•  A "warm storm" is 25ºF to 32ºF;
•  A "cold storm" is 15ºF to 20ºF;
•  AquaSalina® can be applied to the pavement at 10ºF to -15ºF