Testimonial Excerpts

Montana State University, Western Transportation Institute, Xianming Shi, et al
Final Report, December 28, 2013, Evaluation and Analysis of Liquid Deicers for Winter Highway Maintenance Operations:
"If one desires to reduce the need for plowing, then deice using product A (AquaSalina)…"
PennDot, Temple University, US Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, Erica R. McKenzie, PhD et al
Draft Final Report, October 16, 2015, Effective Use and Application of Winter Roadway Maintenance Material Enhancers:
"When evaluating the performance of all deicers based on both deicing and anti-icing, AquaSalina always has the best performance and BEET HEET always has the worse performance.  When it comes to deicing, Magic Minus Zero also performs very well, while GreenBlast was second to AquaSalina in anti-icing performance."
City of Green, Ohio
"We have had great success with AquaSalina.  When we experienced the below zero temperatures, the product performed without freezing while using it down to -9ºF."
Chardon Township, Ohio:
"The product performed great, burning ice away from the pavement at a pavement temperature of -5ºF and an ambient air temperature of -10ºF."