♦   AquaSalina® and AquaSalina+® are natural saltwater solutions requiring no mixing of precious and costly freshwater.  It is “Nature’s Own Source” of water, uniquely chloride balanced to provide superior performance.  No need to foul millions of gallons of freshwater to make brine.  For every gallon of AquaSalina® used, a gallon of freshwater is saved.

♦    Unlike many rock salt solutions, AquaSalina® and AquaSalina+® contain no cyanide compounds.
♦   There are less chlorides dusting the air to compromise plant and animal life.  AquaSalina® and AquaSalina+® bond better to roadways than manufactured salt brine solutions. 
♦   Less dust means more salt retained on the roadway.   Less rock salt applied to the roadway means reducing the insoluble grit ending up in sewers and tree lawns, and less chlorides in our lakes and streams. AquaSalina® or AquaSalina+® leave chlorides in place preventing bonding of ice to the pavement and more residual power to melt snow.