AQ vs. Salt Brine

Our parking lot after treating with AquaSalina

Our parking lot after treating with AquaSalina

AquaSalina® and AquaSalina+® is natural saltwater with a lower freeze point of -15ºF than man made salt brine of -6ºF.  AquaSalina+® is corrosion inhibited to protect your equipment.  It is a PNS/Clear Roads Qualified Product Listing and is approved by the Clear Roads organization of 36 DOT's, including Ohio. 

Both AquaSalina® and AquaSalina+®  contain 7–11% Sodium Chloride, 8%–10% Calcium Chloride, 2%–2.5% Magnesium Chloride, and 0.5–1.5% Potassium Chloride, versus manufactured salt brine, which contains only 23% Sodium Chloride.  The consistent superior chemistry of AquaSalina® and AquaSalina+® account for lower freeze point and bonding to the road surface, versus manufactured salt brine which dusts and blows away after drying.  Keeping chlorides on the pavement keeps your roads safe, and saves you money.

AquaSalina® and AquaSalina+® require no mixing, no additional chemicals, no storage maintenance, or recirculation like many other brines or other deicer mixes.  They are simple, clean and cost effective products that work, and delivered to your tanks ready to use.  There is no need to purchase a brine maker or expensive chemical additives, and with our products, there is no fouling of freshwater.  AquaSalina® and AquaSalina+® are also safe to use on parking lots, sidewalks, over bridges, and store and building entryways. 

Our products are manufactured in Cleveland and Mogadore, Ohio ready to use and can be picked up or delivered into your tank within 24–48 hours.  With AquaSalina® or AquaSalina+® you Just Load and Go!