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Jar Image_05 09 2016_trimmedAquaSalina® or AquaSalina+® is Nature’s Own Source at Its Best

AquaSalina® is a natural saltwater solution produced from ancient seas dating back to the Silurian age almost 425 million years ago.  The ancient sea, rich in marine life and dolostone provide a fierce frontline tool for our professional snowfighter’s battle against snow and ice bonding to roadways.  The source water, which comes from the Appalachian Foreland Basin stretching from New York to Georgia, naturally contains a combination of sodium, calcium, magnesium, and potassium chlorides perfectly balanced by nature.  Nature’s Own Source purifies the saltwater solution to five micron, removing iron and other impurities. AquaSalina® or AquaSalina+® can be used effectively for pre-treating (anti-ice) the pavement ahead of a storm, deicing, or pre-wetting rock salt at the spinner.  Our water has been certified to freeze points of -15°F so applying the treated rock salt to the road is effective at low temperatures.

AquaSalina® or AquaSalina+® containing a great balance of chlorides provides you with superior performance in the most difficult storm conditions.