Roadway after using AquaSalina

Roadway after using AquaSalina

♦  Works at colder temperatures (certified to -15°F)

♦  Enhances performance of rock salt and may be used to extend or enhance rock salt supply

 ♦ Reduces capital costs—requires no mixing, digesting and no clean-up and disposing of leftover limestone grit

♦  Filtered to five (5) micron, keeping insolubles out of tanks and nozzles, thus less downtime on equipment

♦  AquaSalina+® contains a proprietary corrosion inhibitor meeting PNS/Clear Roads certification ~ 70% less corrosive than rock salt

♦  Produced from natural resources, not freshwater

♦  Ready to use, pick up or delivered to your tank with facilities in Cleveland and Mogadore, OH ~   Just Load & Go!



*SHRP 205.1 Test Data



NACE/PNS Corrosion Test