AquaSalina+GEOMELT 55

AquaSalina+GEOMELT® 55, an approved PNS/Clear Roads Product, is the only combined sugar beet-based juice and natural saltwater solution used as an anti-icing/deicing product.  It is a natural, agricultural product derived from sugar beets and has been approved for use by the PNS/Clear Roads organization of 36 State DOT's, including Ohio.

AquaSalina+GEOMELT® 55 naturally contains calcium, sodium, magnesium and potassium chlorides giving it a documented freeze point as low as -11°F, unlike manufactured salt brine whose freeze point is -6°F.

AquaSalina+GEOMELT® 55 is used effectively for anti-icing or deicing. Safely applied directly to road surfaces, or pre-wetting rock salt at the spinner.  It’s pre-mixed, Just Load and Go!

►  AquaSalina+GEOMELT® 55 is blended at 85% AquaSalina+® and 15% GEOMELT® 55
►  AquaSalina+GEOMELT® 55 allows you to use less product than manufactured brine
►  Residual effects from GEOMELT® 55 prevents ice and hard pack from bonding to road surfaces
►  PNS certified freeze point of -11°F
►  70% less corrosive effect than manufactured salt brine
►  Environmentally friendly—adds to the water cycle, and less chlorides enter into the environment
►  Economically replaces manufactured brine, and costly calcium chloride solutions
►  No capital expenditures for brine makers
►  No additional chemicals or mixing
►  No rock salt required
►  No maintenance